Helping Young People Get Ahead: Latimer Talks

Photo: Latimer Group

It’s no wonder that Latimer Group have been labelled as “Moral Mad Men” by the Guardian, their niche approach to marketing centres on involving young people in the campaigns which brands, charities and organisations want to target at them. So, not only does it make for more successful marketing campaigns for the brands and organisations in question (Paul Smith, Mozilla, Channel 4 and the British Council, to name a few) but it’s also an invaluable experience for the young people involved.

Latimer’s monthly networking event which was originally held at their office in Waterloo is now held at Camden Collective (Camden’s creative hub). It draws crowds of young people every last Thursday of the month and, of course, top industry professionals in the form of speakers. Past talks have seen the likes of Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Emma Cooper and more recently top talent from the US. And the young people in attendance aren’t any young people (or rather, their not the uninspired, workshy type that the mainstream media will have you believe exist in their droves) these are passionate, intelligent and talented creatives. You’ll find the room jam packed with directors, actors, producers, filmmakers and writers all in attendance.

The format of the monthly networking event, Latimer Talks, usually begins with a screening of shorts made by some of the talented young audience members. Then there’s the 1 minute pitch, which gives anyone the chance to tell the room about their project and appeal for whatever support they need. Following this there’s the main event, the talk. How an individual speaker approaches the talk section varies. Some start with a clip or introduce images and videos throughout their presentations, while others focus mainly on their own personal journeys. But the best talks, regardless of format, are those which inspire and educate.

It was an interview style event with Ride Along’s director, Tim Story and Producer, Will Packer. It’s official, Latimer Talks has gone global. The two Americans had the room laughing from start to finish, but also eager to learn more about their journey. At the end of each talk there’s an opportunity for audience members to ask questions directly to the speakers. And every time there’s an eagerness to learn in the crowd.

Will Packer’s charismatic delivery made him instantly someone that the young people present wanted to listen to, even if you weren’t aware of his impressive career. In addition to his most recent release, he’s worked on Stomp the Yard, Obsessed and Think Like a Man. But it wasn’t at all shallow showmanship, he spoke about genuinely about what it really takes to succeed in the film industry and encouraged the crowd not to ignore the chance they had in that moment to connect with other creatives in the room. And the space and opportunity that Latimer gives to young people who want to pursue a career in media is at its most tangible at Latimer Talks. There is a strong “for young people, by young people” ethos to the event which is even presented by one of Latimer’s young people, Michael Salami.

If you’d like to find out more about Latimer Talks visit



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