LFW Rookie

I covered my first ever LFW season this past week and it was a lot of fun!

In total I covered six shows, most of which were held by Fashion Scout in Freemasons Hall. I was writing for Who’s Jack and you can read my posts for them here.

It was such a busy week that, in between going to shows, writing show reports, working and deliberating over my outfit for each day, I didn’t have time to do a blog update on anything to do with LFW. So here is my LFW look back post.

If you love fashion, you’ll easily get caught up in the buzz at fashion week. You can expect lots of photographers snapping all those wearing the most outrageous outfits, celebrities musing around here and there (I didn’t spot any huge stars but I did see Noel Fielding and Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea, he was wearing a red tartan suit and the Helen George who plays Trixie in Call the Midwife) and, of course, some freebies (more so if you’re sitting on front row, but there was plenty of vita cocoa, cocktails and sweet treats on offer).

I think the wildest show I went to was Bas Kosters which took place at the Dutch Church in Moorgate. This is where I spotted Noel Fielding, he was in the show. There was also a male model who was almost completely naked, except for a neck piece of stuffed toys. The theme of the collection was “Clowns are people too” so there was heavy clown makeup and clown prints to a backdrop of eerie fairground music.

The last show I went to was probably one of my favourites. It was a graduate competition catwalk by FAD, a charity which works to There were some unbelievable takes on the multi-sensory brief and the winner’s design, which incorporated fisherman style silouhettes and bright raincoat yellows, was outstanding. I really loved the runner-up’s pieces too. Again, these were menswear with raincoat inspired jackets.

On Saturday, I attended a showcase by Wolf and Badger at The Savoy Hotel. This was my first time visiting The Savoy and it didn’t disappoint, not one bit. It is an incredible hotel, located on the Strand, just a few minutes walk from the hub of LFW Somerset House. After a walk through the hotel, admiring the beautiful decor, I found my way to The Abraham Lincoln room. I was greeted by cocktails, but I was more interested in the sweet treats which came in the form of a mulit-coloured meringue tower by the Meringue Girls. There were 22 different designers packed into the room and lots of guests. I made my way round the stalls, speaking to the designers and inspecting the varied designs. It was fun but thirsty work, so I took a seat for the catwalk and sipped on some complimentary Hildon bottled water and tucked into a lovely mini meringue.

It was nice to have a moment to chill in a week which was more intense than I anticipated. With so many publications covering the same shows there is a pressure to write up show reports almost immediately. And with the media lounge at Somerset House constantly full to the brim with bloggers, photographers and writers all trying to work, there’s rarely the space to get stuff done. Starbucks became a second home for Fash Journal, while I spent late nights at my laptop after a full day of shows.

So, essentially that is a brief overview of my first LFW. It’s definitely a worthwhile experience and I feel as though I’ve developed as a journalist because of it. I will be doing a follow up post on my LFW essentials and survival tips for any of you who are hoping to be a LFW rookie next season.


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