Girls: Season 3 Premiere Recap

Lena Dunham’s being courting controversy recently for her Vogue cover, but there’s no question that she’s keeping it real on Girls.

The highly anticipated third season of the show premiered in the UK last Monday. Season three, episode three airs tomorrow at 10pm, so before the next installment here’s a recap of what the first two episodes had in store for the functionally dysfunctional friends.

(If you haven’t watched it yet, this piece contains spoilers!)

Jessa – Never one to stick to the rules, Jessa poked fun at the other addicts in rehab, and was eventually kicked out for “fratenizing” with another resident. Who happened to the lesbian she outed in front of the whole sharing group.

Hannah – Back with Adam, on her meds and on track with her book – season three has started off pretty fabulous for Hannah. And her new haircut, the result of her breakdown at the end of the last season, isn’t so bad.

Shoshanna – After losing her virginity in season two, naive Shosh is catching up, and keeping up with her studies, or as she put it: “It’s the beginning of a sexually adventurous time for me. I’m alternating nights of freedom with nights of academic focus.”

Adam –  He had his fair share of awkward moments in the first two seasons and it seems season three will be no different, after episode one saw him bump into his ex in the coffee shop Cafe Grumpy. Adam’s instantly a lot more likeable in this series, let’s hope it continues.

Marnie – As self-obsessed as ever, Marnie’s still not over Charlie (who it turns out left her on the day they were meant to make grilled pizzas).

Ray – He’s still pretty grumpy, working in the Cafe Grumpy and trying to pretend he’s over Shosh, but he clearly isn’t.


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