Solange Moment

She may be the younger and less famous sister of RnB royalty, but Solange is talented in her own right.

What’s so refreshing about her is that you’d be forgiven for not knowing that she was anyway related to Beyoncé as she gets on with her own thing. She’s not trying to be her big sister (her sound and style is completely different) or riding on her coattails (you’ll have to go back as far as 2003 for a Solange ft Beyoncé track) and besides all that she’s a talented singer and super stylish lady.

Lovers in the Parking Lot is one of my favourite Solange songs and finally there’s a fabulous video to match. The video is likely to be loved by Solange fans as it’s her-dancing as if no one’s watching and wearing outfits which prove why she’s so high in the style stakes. The video is below. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for the light up laces on her trainers.


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