Black Hair: You Can Touch My Hair


I love my natural hair! I’ve never had extensions, weave or relaxed it or dyed it. Obviously as a child the decision to do any of those things was out of my control. So I am extremely grateful that my mother was as proud of my natural hair as I am and that she took great care of it. The way she taught me how to care for my hair is the main reason that I have such love for it now. But, it’s not the same story for a lot of black girls and women.

One of my favourite blogs is black hair and beauty blog (although it is about more than just black hair and beauty) Urban Bush Babes. Cipriana and Nikisha share style tutorials, tips on how to keep natural black hair healthy and much more. Although I enjoy reading mainstream UK fashion magazines, when it comes to featuring beauty trends they almost never highlight those for darker skin tones, let alone for black and Asian skin and hair. So something like Urban Bush Babes is incredible!

“Can I touch your hair?” Is a question that I’ve been asked over and over again. Sometimes, people don’t even ask they just reach right over. So I can already relate to the short film “You Can Touch My Hair” by un’ruly. I’m looking forward to the film which documents an interactive art exhibition held in New York City and it’s worth a watch if you want to find out more about black hair. It airs on 20 October on YouTube and you can catch the trailer here.


5 thoughts on “Black Hair: You Can Touch My Hair

    • Some of the women in the trailer actually hold up signs saying “You cannot touch my hair”. Looks like it’ll be an interesting watch.

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