Sportswear Trend: The Wedge Trainer

Sportswear is a key trend for summer and one of my favourites. Concealed wedge trainers have all but taken over, joggers are everywhere and the baseball jacket complete with appliqué lettering is back, again.

I have been a huge fan of wedge trainers. I love wedges and have countless pairs and I love trainers so the combination of the two…perfect. Now combining two things which work great separately isn’t always a recipe for success, especially as fans of heels are not usually fans of hi-tops. But this trend works really well and is an improvement on the trainer heel combo of a few years ago (remember those trainer shoes with the block heel). Despite being a fan of this trend for a while I’d never managed to spot the perfect pair and when I did they were out of my price range. So after months of searching I had finally given up hope and then last week, whilst casually shopping in New Look, I cast my eyes over these beauties…

New Look Black Cuff Wedge Hi-Top

These black stud cuff wedge hi-tops come in at just under £30 from New Look.

How to buy the perfect wedge trainer

Substantial heel– Wedges are easier to walk in than other heels so you need to go all the way when it comes to heel height. Plus for a good shape you need a relatively high wedge-heel to balance out the chunkiness of the hi-top.

Laces– Unless you are three years old (in which case you shouldn’t be wearing wedges anyway) leave the Velcro out.

Sole colour– Be careful when going for a contrast sole wedge. These can look good but some also look tacky. Choose wisely. A black wedge trainer with a white sole can look the right kind of futuristic.

Print vs Plain– Consider your wardrobe. I fell in love with the Nike liberty print wedge trainers last year but realistically I am a lover of pattern so I wouldn’t have been able to wear them many of the clothes I already known. Although this could be seen as an excuse for a whole new wardrobe, they were already going to set me back around £100.

Once you’ve picked up the perfect pair of wedge trainers team with joggers (not the shabby ones you wear to the gym) I mean these. But don’t feel that your limited to wearing them with sportswear, they also work well with jeans and I even wore mine at the weekend with a midi skirt.


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