Festival Fashion Teaser

Aztec Panel Boots

The festival season has well and truly started with SXSW finishing yesterday. Naturally many of us are thinking of what outfits we’ll be rocking at festivals this summer.  Although with the weather we’re having here in the UK at the moment this post requires some strong powers of imagination.

When it comes to festival clothing denim is the go-to material, whether you’re out for the day or the weekend.  Drawing inspiration from River Island’s High Summer Press Day last month I’ve put together a few pieces from the collection to give you some pointers. These looks let you take the festival fashion to the streets.

Longsleeve Jumpsuit

For those cooler summer days or nights this jumpsuit is great for when you need to cover up a little more. The gold buttons give this enough detail so I wouldn’t add any necklaces. All buttoned up it can look a little stuffy so unbutton and put a bright vest top underneath to make this look more relaxed. I’d also add a pair of heels to give it a laid-back, glamourous edge.

Boyfriend Jeans

Dress up jeans with an embellished top for easy festival style glamour. Swap sandals for heels to take this look from day to night. I’m not 100 per cent convinced by the boyfriend jean look, but I think it works best balanced out with lots of feminine touches.

Metallic Tee

Metallics are hot this season but they can also make you hot in the sun. This shimmery tee and cover up let you take the trend into summer without attracting too much unwanted attention from the sun (when it finally comes out, that is).

Denim Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits, pinafores and dungarees are also making a huge comeback this season. Lightweight and printed, this is an ideal little update on the classic dungarees. I’d go easy with accessories as the print already says so much. Layer some colourful bangles to add a pop of colour and wear with plain bright vest top or slim fit tee underneath.

Aztec Panel Boots

These booties are gorgeous and feature another of this seasons big trends Aztec. I wouldn’t advise wearing these to a festival as they would get ruined but they’re great to wear from season to season. Pair these with some denim shorts for daytime but a pair of black tights and casual dress would also work at night. Whatever you pair them with make it plain as these boots are definitely the talking piece of any outfit.


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