Suit and Tie: JT Proves that Smart is Sexy

I’m a firm believer that smart (in both meanings of the word) is sexy and you can’t get much smarter than a suit and tie. But, I wasn’t really feeling JT’s comeback release when I first heard it and I wasn’t alone. I’m not sure quite what I was expecting, I just felt as though I was hoping for more.

However, after repeated plays I have more than come around and now I love it. I haven’t been brainwashed. It’s not just because it’s catchy. It’s because I’ve had time to appreciate this new offering served up by the guy who brought sexy back and realise that he’s done it again, just this time it’s more grown and sexy.

I am a huge JT fan and I have been since his *NSYNC days. His new single ‘Suit and Tie’, his first solo release since FutureSex/LoveSounds back in 2006, is JT back doing what he does best.

He proves that he’s in his own lane, musically, as he always has been. His talent and musicality is immune to trends in the music industry and transcends what’s ‘hot now’. I think one of the reasons I didn’t fall in love with ‘Suit and Tie’ immediately was because I had started to forget how good popular RnB can be. With so many artists now masking their vocals, good or bad, with a crazy up tempo dance beat, it hasn’t been in a good place for a while. Justin’s new release is refreshing, authentic and sexy (did I mention sexy already?).

A lyric video for the song has been released but there is more to come. Rumour has it that Social Network director, David Fincher, is set to direct Justin’s ‘Suit and Tie’ video. Following the tease of the stripped back lyric video expectations are high for the official video. I don’t have any idea where Timberlake and Fincher are going to take it visually, although I do think sticking to the monochrome theme would definitely be a good choice.

Justin’s forthcoming third studio album, ‘The 20/20 Experience’ is set to be released on 19 March. It’s produced by Timbaland and if their previous track record is anything to go by it’s going to be…INCREDIBLE.

Expect to hear and see a lot more of JT’s new stuff from now on. Yesterday it was announced that he will be performing at the Brit Awards later this month. Hopefully the new album will mean a UK tour too!

Watch the ‘Suit and Tie’ lyric video below.


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