The Presidential Debates: Obama VS Romney Round Two

I don’t know whether it was the town hall style debate, the ability to move from behind the lectern and fully engage with the audience, moderator and opposition; but Obama was a lot more fired up than he was in the first presidential debate.

When Romney tried to moderate his policies as he did in the first debate, Obama immediately addressed his claims, uttering rebuttals such as, ‘What Governor Romney is saying is simply not true.’

In true politician style direct answers to direct questions were few and far between. Instead both candidates used the opportunity to take digs at each other, outline why they were a better fit for president than the other.

A question from the audience on how Romney differed from George Bush gave Obama the chance to portray Romney’s social policies as worse than that of the Bush administration.

Obama was able to remind voters of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Romney’s links with China and his tax policies which favour the rich. He also criticised Romney’s 47 per cent comment, something which he failed to address in their first head-to-head.

Although Obama was still criticised for his performance in comparison to his usual oratory skills; it is likely that he did enough to restore faith in his supporters following his earlier performance.

Blunder-prone Romney put his foot in his mouth over Libya. Questioning Obama on his apparent failure to call the attack on the US embassy in Libya terrorism, Romney was proven wrong.

He claimed that it took a while before the American people knew whether or not the incident was a political demonstration or a terrorist attack. However, Obama had in fact responded to the attack the following day stating it was an act of terror.

Romney clearly didn’t get the memo.

Both Obama and Romney used personal stories and spoke of their interactions with voters, but Romney’s ‘binder full of women’ comment did little to improve the perception of his anti-woman policies.

The final presidential debate takes place tonight. Best out of three? Who will come out on top?


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