The Presidential Debates: Obama VS Romney Round One

The first presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and US President Barack Obama took place last night in Denver.

Prior to the debate many political commentators argued that Romney only needed to put in an average performance to turn around the public perception of him, following numerous blunders he had made in previous months.

Despite Obama’s usual punchy rhetoric he appeared docile and hesitant opposite Romney, who on the other hand spoke aggressively and energetically.

Jim Lehrer the moderator struggled to do just that and both candidates disregarded his interruptions when they over ran as well as his attempts to direct the debate.

On social networking site Twitter, many viewers voiced their frustration with Obama’s inability to fact-check Romney who moved to the middle, moderating (and that’s a moderate assessment) his politics and views. They also pointed out Obama’s failure to call-out Romney for his recent 47 per cent blunder, name Bush when criticising the Bush administration and align Romney with Bush.

At one point Obama even said that he thought Governor Romney would ‘have a busy first day in office’, as he had proposed to repeal a number of Obama’s policies including Obamacare. It seems that if the presidential race was dramatically influenced by the outcome of the debate, Obama was admitting defeat.

The mainstream media have hyped up the importance of the debates, but whether or not they will have an impact on undecided voters, we will have to wait and see.

It seems a futile voter who would allow their decision to be made by a series of debates, let alone a single debate.  A vote cast on account of yesterday’s debate alone would be rather misguided, considering that Romney appeared to be a different man yesterday, not only in terms of performance but politics too.

Think Progress, a blog funded by the non-partisan organisation Centre for American Progress published an article which argued that Romney told 27 myths in 38 minutes.

Speaking about Romney today, Obama said: “The man onstage last night-he does not want to be held accountable for what the real Romney’s been saying for the last year.” He pointed the false claims Romney made in the debate but is it too little too late? Only time will tell.

Did you watch the Presidential debate last night? What did you think?


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